Rawhide and Longhorn Trail – At White Ranch Park

White Ranch Park

The trailhead for an easy and pleasant loop hike begins at the lark parking lot at White’s Ranch Open Space Park just outside of Golden. The area is in the foothills so it offers a climate that is not too cool but not quite as hot as the city either.

The rolling hills and the huge pines make a very pleasant area where there is a number of hikes to choose from. We hiked sections of both Rawhide (4.5mi) and Longhorn (3 mi.) trails that made for a 1 mile easy loop. (Grab a map at the parking lot to see this loop or hike the entire Longhorn or Rawhide trails).

Rawhide Trail Aspen

Whichever trail you choose in the park, you will have a hike that is fun and has great views of the Colorado plains, the hills to the west and the rolling hills that are uniquely “foothills-beautiful”. During the fall, the different types of tall wavy grasses change into beautiful autumn colors. And what great views of the valley!

White Ranch Park is large! It has nice picnic areas with tables and covered pavilions a good distance from the parking lot. This park is one of two Jeffco Open Space Parks that offers camping. White Ranch Park offers two camp grounds – hike-in only; 20 tent pads with the following ammenities:
Firewood (provided)
Trash can (bear proof)
Hand pump for drinking water – closed for the Winter
10 campsites (each with picnic table and metal fire ring with grill
Food storage poles (cross bars)
Horse watering trough/corral

For more trail options go to Jeffco Openspace site

One thought on “Rawhide and Longhorn Trail – At White Ranch Park

  1. Stan

    The two designated (new trails) in the 620 area now named. The trail to the east is named Pyramid and the west trail is now Bursera . All the other trails in that area are undesignated, unmapped and considered secondary trails. I do not believe the idea of making your own trails is a good idea because it is a crime against nature. That activity will make the area that folks deem beautiful and pristine someday in to a mecca of disturbed land with no meaning. As a matter of fact right now people are trampling the area just trying to find a new trail to explore as what I have read in the above reply. Please respect the resource and stay on the mapped trlias.


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