Ute Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park

Ute Trail

Rocky Mountain National Park includes the Ute Trail. Beginning at Milner Pass/Poudre Lake,it is a gradual uphill climb past towering rocks, the still water of Poudre Lake and then through forest with peeks of the surrounding Rockies

Poudre Lake Trail

The trail is well maintained, moderately used and reminiscent of a hike you might find in the northwestern U.S. It is lush and green with shady sections and beautiful greenery. Wooden stairs occasionally lead you up the mountain. The climb is through pines and aspens and pleasant wooded areas. The trail will gradually come out of the trail onto the open tundra heading up toward the Apline visitor center. A fantastic trail that offers a variety of micro climates and views!

alpine ridge trail

Ute Trail connects the Alpine Visitor Center to the Milner Pass parking area (elevation change of 1,038 ft. from end to end). Check your map. We started at the Milner Pass end and hiked in about an hour before turning back. (If you are feeling courageous, hiking the entire trail roundtrip will take a few hours).

Milner Pass is on the Continental Divide (water flows to the Pacific on one side and to the Gulf of Mexico on the other).

Other trails close to the Ute Trail that you may enjoy: Bridal Veil Falls Trail, Bierstadt Lake Trail, Deer Mountain Trail, Alberta Falls Trail

Restrooms available at trail head.
Picnic Spot Recommendations: We would recommend eating at the picnic ground at Lake Irene, just a couple minutes down the road from Milner Pass. It offers tables, a short trail to the lake, and restrooms.

Alpine Ridge Trailhead

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