Three Mile Creek Trail TR #635

Three Mile Creek Trailhead

The Three Mile Creek Trail heads northwest into the Arapaho National Forest and Mt Evans Wilderness area through beautiful shady forest and over the Three Mile Creek. You may want to register your name in the brown box at the trailhead – the U.S. Forest Service monitors trail usage with the data from these type of lists.

Three mile creek trail in autumn

You will enjoy crossing over the creek more than fifteen times!! Small wooden footbridges allow you to enjoy the creek and the surroundings from both sides of the water. Children will love to throw rocks and sticks in and watch them disappear down the hill.

Three Mile Creek Trail Bridge

You will eventually emerge from the pine forests into a green meadow filled with a variety of wildflowers and Aspen tree stands. While you are in this small valley, you will be surrounded by several mountains towering above you including: Spearhead Mountain elevation: 11,244 ft; Arrowhead Mtn. 11,209 ft.; and Kataka Mtn. 12,441 ft.

If you choose to complete the entire Three Mile Creek Trail hike, you will hike 6 miles up to meet the junction with Rosalie Trail. The 12 mile roundtrip hike gains 2,780ft. where, after steeply ascending switchbacks in the trail at treeline, there are beautiful views of the surrounding Rockies (Mt. Evans, Mt Kataka and Bierstadt among others). Serious day hikers will love this scenic hike.

We usually hike in for a couple of hours then turn back. Turn around anywhere you feel like and the trip back down to the car is just as enjoyable as the hike in!

Three Mile Creek Hike with Kids

No Restrooms available at trailhead or parking area. (There is a rest station on the road (Rd 62) about 1 mile before you reach the parking lot and trailhead- your last chance).

Three Mile Creek Trail Rock Formation
Three Mile Creek Parking Lot

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  2. David

    Our family enjoyed it, nice proximity to Denver. Love all the bridges, but be warned, some crossings (2) you will need to step over rocks.

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