Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail

Spruce Mountain Trail is a 5.5 mile trail that offers a variety of terrain and views stretching from the eastern plains to Pikes Peak and around to the western Rockies. This hike is a pleasant, shady loop trail with some gradual climbing to the top of the bluff where the views appear and the trail becomes flat and easy.

Spruce Mountain Trail

This Douglas County Open Space, lowland, hike is perfect for those who don’t want to travel and hour to the mountains and/or great for spring and fall when the snow covers mountain trails. Being located fifteen minutes south of Castle Rock, this trail offers a fantastic hike close to home.

Spruce Mountain Trail begins at the trailhead on Spruce Mountain Road Parking lot; follow Spruce Mountain Trail to the upper loop, out to Windy Point and around to the trailhead (you could take the Oak Shortcut to lessen the distance; see map for your favored route).

It’s a good idea to take a map of the park with you because there is no map at the trailhead for direction. Print and take one with you! For the Douglas County Open Space Trail Map, click here.

Spruce Mountain Sign

Spruce Mountain Butte

Spruce Mountain Butte Views

Spruce Mountain Trail Views

Spruce Mountain Lookout

Spruce Mountain Trailhead

3 thoughts on “Spruce Mountain Open Space Trail

  1. carol

    It’s late March now, and it has been consistently in the 60’s in Denver for a week now. Would you recommend this hike for this time of the year?

    • marynorton

       Yes. I would recommend this hike now because all the snow has melted and it’s going to be a really warm weekend.


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