Sporting Times Trail on Guanella Pass

Silverdale Trailhead offers a series of hikes located in the beautiful Guanella Pass area just off the east side of the pass road. The area features a creek, open views of the valley, large stands of aspens, towering mountains and a scenic drive to and from the trail.

The Sporting Times trail(s) begin at Silverdale trailhead. It is located about 4 miles from Georgetown on Co Rd 381 (Guanella Pass Rd). The parking area is located just past the first reservoir and is well-marked. The trail begins just after you cross over the creek on the wooden foot bridge. Before you head out, stop at the trail map in the parking area and decide what route you will follow. There are no trail maps to take with you, and once on the trail, there are no trail markings. Plan your route before you set out because there are several trail intersections that can be confusing. You may want to print the map below and take it with you.

Silver Dale Trail Map

To hike the easy Sporting Times Trail, go left at each junction. This trail is relatively wide and has some rolling hills as it heads north. Enjoy the pretty scenery that includes glimpses through the trees of the towering mountains in the pass as well as views of snow capped mountains in the distance. The other trails in the area are a little more difficult terrain but offer more fantastic views.
Sporting Times Trail 1
Sporting Times Trail 2
Sporting Times Trail 3

The trail is wide (an old fire road or jeep trail) and a very pleasant hike through the forest. About a half mile in, you will come to a steep climb. As you go up, look for the views – very nice!
Make the whole 4 mile hike in and out or just go for a portion; it’s an easy/moderate trail with pleasant views and it’s not a heavily populated trail – enjoy the peace and quiet.

Sporting Times Trail 4
Sporting Times Trail 5
Silver Dale Parking Area

Other trails in this area that you may enjoy are:
Rosalie Trail
South Park Trail to Square Top Lakes
Silver Dollar Lake Trail

Clear Creek County Trail Map

5 thoughts on “Sporting Times Trail on Guanella Pass

  1. Cheryl Murry

    Are the silverdale trails good for light touring on skis? not with skins but w/ leather boots, etc.? and how is the road getting up to the trail head in the winter? Thanks.

    • marynorton

      Yes, good for cc skiing and the road conditions just depend on how recently it has snowed and how much it has snowed. Give The Guanella Pass Road Information Line a call for road conditions and closures at 303-679-2422 . Good luck and good skiing!


  2. Becky

    I would like to do a hike with my young great-nephews ages 6-10, easy to moderate, to see the Aspens changing in the next week or two. Can you recommend a good Guanella Pass trail for first timers with good views of the Aspens?


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