See More of Colorado by Car!

Traveling to Colorado by car this summer? See it all from the comfort of your family car!

If you want to see a lot of this beautiful state, or any state for that matter, check out touring it by car.

Make frequent stops for rests, meals, exercise, or photo shots all along the way and cover hundreds of beautiful miles all in one day!

We have planned a trip like this through Colorado, making a huge loop and returning home by dinner time. We really enjoyed the scenery, visiting a state park for a short hike and eating in some quaint cafes at the top of the world.

My favorite and most memorable scenic byway through Colorado is called the Top of the Rockies Scenic Byway. This one leads through Leadville, Vail, and Redcliff all very distinct towns nestled in the Rockies.

Take in all the beautiful scenery in one day – or maybe make it a weekend trip! Check out the official Colorado Scenic Byways Website for all of Colorado’s highways and byways!

Get out your map, pack up the family, and enjoy the scenery!

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