Rosalie Trail #603 at Guanella Pass

Views north on top of Guanella Pass

Beautiful mountains, and tundra surroundings encompass the Guanella Pass area! From the parking lot, Rosalie trail (Tr 603) heads south. The entire length of Rosalie Trail is 14 miles but just hiking a short portion of 2.5 miles keeps you up above treeline until you meet Gomer Creek and its drainage (it then heads down into Abyss Trail and trailhead). We prefer the short portion of 1 mile in-and-out just for the views of the peaks, peaceful surroundings and cool air.

Its a good area to wander even if you aren’t up for a serious hike: take photographs, picnic, take-in the scenery and relax at an elevation of 11,700 ft. above sea level! If you have binoculars, you may see Rocky Mountain Big Horn sheep and/or mountain goats grazing on the side of Mt. Bierstadt!

Rosalie Trail looking east

Another short but interesting and fun trail heads east toward the valley – part of the beginning of Mt Bierstadt Trail. Hike down to the small pond or Gomer Creek and watch for wildlife; occasionally there are moose in the area.

Rosalie Trail 2
Rosalie Trail heading east 2
The mountains that you will see on the Rosalie Trail include Mt. Bierstadt (14,060ft.), Mt. Evans (14,264 ft.), Geneva Mtn. (12,335 ft.) and others to the northwest. Straight ahead to the east is Mt. Bierstadt a very popular, “easy” fourteener. Many hikers, expert and beginner alike love this area.

Rosalie trail looking westward

Restrooms available at parking lot.

Rosalie Trail 5

On Top of Rosalie

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For Guanella Pass Seasonal Road Conditions and Closure times click Colorado Dept. of Transport

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