Rimrock Trail at Castlewood Canyon State Park

Rimrock Trail

Rimrock Trail at Castlewood Canyon State Park offers wonderful views of the canyon as well as the surrounding mountains and rolling hills of Parker and Franktown. To access the trailhead, enter at the west entry of Castlewood Canyon State Park and park at the first parking lot (the Lucas Homestead Historic site).

On Top Of Rimrock Trail

Take the Rimrock Trail (M). The trail begins with a gradual descend down to the canyon floor and across Cherry Creek then makes a gradual climb up the side of the canyon.

Rimrock Trail - Cherry Creek

During the fall, the colors of the scrub oak and leaf trees are spectacular! There are beautiful views overlooking the canyon and all along the trail from the trailhead. It’s a pleasant hike with areas of scattered shade.

Dam Ruins Historic Site

The trail leads to the Dam Ruins Historic Site; either return by the same trail (M) or hook up to the Creek Bottom Trail (G) which will take you back to the parking lot by way of the creek rather than the top of the canyon walls. Grab a map at the trailhead to guide you.

Rimrock Trailhead

Rimrock Trail Hike Sign

Note:If you like Rimrock Trail, you may also enjoy: Inner Canyon Trail, or Creek Bottom and Cherry Creek Trail.

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