Raccoon Trail

Raccoon TrailRaccoon Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park wanders through groves of pine and spruce as well as aspen stands. Wildflowers and views of the Continental Divide are an added treat. The trail is well traveled and is not a tough climb, but rather a pleasant hike through the forest with a slight gain at Panorama Point.
Raccoon Trail Aspen Grove

This easy to moderate loop trail is a good hike for kids and will only take an hour to two depending on your speed. The trail head is at the Reverend’s Ridge campground or you could start at Panorama Point and make the loop from there. Stop for a map of the park to find your way. Raccoon Trail FlowersIf you enjoy Raccoon Trail, other trails in the park you may enjoy: Mountain Lion Trail or Burro Trail

2 thoughts on “Raccoon Trail

  1. Sam Tunheim

    Hey Mary thank you so much for creating this website. I have the summers off with my three boys 8, 6, and 3 and we love to shoot up to the mountains for the day. I have used your site many times and have found some amazing places. I have also recommended your site to many families. I was wondering about a trail or location within an hour or so from Denver with a nice creek to play in.


    • Mary

      Thanks Sam. Glad you like the hikes listed here. If you are looking for
      creek hikes where the kids can dip their feet in the water, we’d
      recommend Three
      Mile Creek
      or Maxwell
      . Both have light water flow and are not deep; also easily accessible from the trails. Good luck!


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