Mt Falcon Park Hikes – Castle Trail and Meadow Trail

Mt Falcon Park Hikes

Two easy Mt Falcon Park hikes from the west entrance of Mt. Falcon Park are Meadow Trail and Castle Trail offering level terrain and views of the mountains as well as the city. One of the best perks of this park is that it is close to Denver just bordering Indian Hills, Colorado (west entry from Hwy 285 to Parmalee Gulch Rd.)

mt falcon park trail

These two trails together offer meadows filled with wildflowers, views of the city and foothills, and plenty of tall Scotch and Ponderosa Pines.

mt falcon park view

The park offers many more trails that are easy to moderate and offer a multitude of views of the mountains and city. See Trail Map.

mt falcon park trails

Castle Trail offers a unique destination of old homestead ruins that once belonged to a wealthy Denverite in the early 1900’s. Kids love to explore the old castle ruins at the end of the hike and enjoy the view of the eastern plains over Denver.

mt falcon trailhead

Our family has visited this park for many years and have always enjoyed its open meadows and pine forests. Pack a picnic and dine at one of the many picnic tables in this mountain setting! Enjoy Your hike or your picnic.

mt falcon picnic pavilion with view

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    Hi Mary,
    The “trail map” link to JeffCo Open Space is broken. Otherwise great write-up, we tried it for the first time today and loved it. Thanks for your work!


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