Mt. Sherman Trail

I hiked this in 2005 and only just writing it up now, but I promise you I am not making anything up that I don’t remember!
Mt Sherman trail
There are a couple places to park when getting ready to climb the Mt. Sherman trail. The first one is across the road from an old abandoned and broken down mining building.

This is the one to start from if you want to hike the full 3000 vertical feet. If you don’t have that requirement to meet, then you can drive as far as the road goes and come to the parking area just in front of the metal gate at the trailhead.

Shortly after passing the gate you will begin to see some old mining equipment. There is a good bit of it along the trail at least near the beginning, and it’s interesting to see.
Mt Sherman Mining Equipment
Make sure to follow the piles of rocks that indicate the trail but you can easily just follow the line of people up, depending on what day you are hiking. This is a popular hike!
Mt Sherman Snow Trail
There was snow in a few places when I was up there in early July. If you hike in late July or August it’s possible there will be none. Like every 14er, it’s a strenuous climb but this one does not require any climbing skills, just a good set of hiking boots will do the trick.
Mt Sherman SummitMt Sherman topMt Sherman Peak

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