Mt Bierstadt Trail

Mt Bierstadt Trail

Mt Bierstadt Trail is a fourteener that is one of Colorado’s most accessible, popular and well-maintained. The direct route up the mountain can be for experienced mountain climbers as well as casual day hikers.
Bierstadt Creek

From the parking lots on Guanella Pass Road the trail begins toward the east and Mt. Bierstadt. The trail leads down into the valley toward the base of the mountain and moves through willow thicket and over Gomer Creek via wooden bridge and rock foot holds.

This is an easy meandering part of the trail and if you’re not ambitious enough to climb the entire fourteener, a casual hike through this area has breathtaking scenery too.

Bierstadt Trail Willow
The ascent begins after hiking through the willow thickets (about 1/2 mile). The upward climb follows a few switchbacks through the tundralike surroundings. The grasses are short and the wildflowers are low to the ground.

As you follow the well-maintained trail, look for wildlife like Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep and mountain goats. They both blend in with the coloring of the hills so sometimes are hard to catch site of.

Bierstadt Views of Snow

The trail continues to lead up! At times, it is straight up and you’ll definitely have to exert yourself. The trail becomes more rugged the higher up the mountain you get. Be sure to bring a lot of water for this hike. We hiked in summer and it took about 5 hours up and back including a long rest at the summit.

Bierstadt Glacial Lake

As you approach the summit you will notice the trail is covered in rock/boulders and possibly snow. Follow the trail toward the summit (toward the northeast). Scramble over the rock field to the summit where there is an official summit and elevation marker.

Stay awhile on top. Eat lunch. Take some photos or video. It’s one of Colorado’s best hikes.

Hike this trail early in the morning to avoid afternoon storms. Lightening and snow storms are not uncommon even in summer. The best time of year to hike this trail is mid summer after the snow has melted. If you are an experienced mountaineer, you’ll know what gear to bring for snowier months.

Bierstadt Saw Tooth

Mt Bierstadt Snow

If you like the Mt Bierstadt Trail, other trails in this area you may like: Rosalie Trail, Square Tops Lake Trail, Sporting Times Trail, Silver Dollar Lake Trail.

For Guanella Pass Road Seasonal Conditions and Closure times click Colorado Dept. of Transport

13 thoughts on “Mt Bierstadt Trail

    • Anonymous

      Good question. I thought it was going to reopen this year, but I’ll need to check on that. Thanks for catching that…the website needs up-to-date info!!


  1. Myglassguitar

    I am going up tomorrow and I’m so excited! thank you so much for the descriptions and the pictures. It made my choice pretty easy on which peak i wanted to tackle.

  2. RadGnar

    In fear of Guanella Pass being closed, I did Greys and Torrey’s peak instead. I got some amazing pictures while I was up there and also got charged at by a beautiful mountain goat (which I also got pictures of.) Id love to share them with anyone who wants to check them out. This site rocks an I’m really happy I stumbled on it!! Happy trails everybody!

  3. Mhorning79

    I am so happy I found this sight. I am a beginner hiker and have dreams of doing beirstst this July. I need to find training trails that are safe enough to bring my babies in packs

    • Mary Norton

      Most of the trails listed here are pretty moderate. The fourteeners are,
      by far, the most challenging. We have hiked all of these trails with
      kids on our backs (except the fourteeners).

      Some of our favorites are:

      Chief Mountain Trail

      Bergen Peak Trail

      Silver Dollar Lake Trail

      Old Ski Run Trail

      Eagle’s View Trail
      Three Mile Creek Trail
      Kenosh Pass – Colorado Trail

      I think that any hiking is going to be good training!

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