Maxwell Falls Cliff Loop Trail

From the parking lot (upper Maxwell Falls trailhead) start down the trail toward the falls. The Maxwell Falls Cliff Loop Trail will fork two times; take the left trail both times and you will be moving up a slight incline.

Maxwell Falls Cliff Trail
This loop trail (called The Cliff Loop) goes through pine, aspen forest, and up-over-and-around huge rocky cliffs and then eventually down along the Maxwell Falls.
Maxwell Falls Trail Sign

The falls are really a series of cascades in a beautiful lush, green forest. There is plenty of shade all along the trail. It is well-traveled and maintained. There are many hikers and dogs along the way.

Maxwell Falls Rocks

Be careful when you near the end of the loop (above the falls) it is a long way down. (You will see people lounging on the cliffs above the falls). This is a great place to spend a lazy day and/or make it an early evening hike. Weekdays and evenings at Maxwell Falls are not so busy. No restrooms available at the trailhead.

Picnic Spot Recommendations: Pack a picnic and eat on one of the high points of the trail where you can see some views of the surrounding mountains in shades of blue and green trees.

Maxwell Falls Trail Views

Maxwell Falls Upper Trail

Maxwell Falls Lower Trailhead

18 thoughts on “Maxwell Falls Cliff Loop Trail

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  2. melinda k

    What a great page for hikes in teh area, we did mt falcon and it was perfect for the family. Love it and thanks.

  3. marynorton

    Thanks for the comment Melinda. We love the shady trail and the cascading falls…what a great time for the kids!

    • Cindy Martin

      Mary – Could you please help me choose a hike? My 26 yo daughter, myself 58 yo and her golden retriever will be driving from Utah to Denver via Rt. 70. (We are moving her to Nashvile). ANYWHERE along the road, we need a 4-5 hr (with relaxing/eating stops) hike. I love the idea of hiking in the forest along a stream to a water fall (that would allow a quick swim) so puppy can drink water along the way. Vistas of the mountains would be a nice plus but not as necessary since we will see plenty from the car. I know dogs aren’t allowed in the national parks. Can you help?  Cindy from Nashville

  4. Laurelm86

    I LOOOOOOVED this trail. It had a little bit of everything. Some spots for lazing around at the top on the cliffs. Some shade. Some beautiful scenery hiking creek side and of course the beautiful falls.

  5. Zonroth

    Thanks for all info. Very helpful.

    But, I’m pretty sure that first picture is of the Trail for Gray’s Peak. Not Maxwell’s Falls.

  6. JandC

    I like the funColoradohikes website, and thought I would provide directions to the upper trailhead, via Evergreen (an alternative, though less scenic, routing bypasses Evergreen and uses US-285 via Conifer). From C-470, take the Morrison Road exit heading west on Highway 8. In the town of Morrison, continue straight (west) on Highway 74 for about 10.6
    miles. In downtown Evergreen, turn left at the stoplight onto Highway 73. Go about 1 mile to S. Brook Forest Road. Turn right and go about 5.2 miles. You will pass the lower trail head. S. Brook Forest Road becomes S. Black Mountain Drive (CR-78). Go about 1.25 miles on S. Black Mountain Drive to the upper trail head. It’s on the left (north) side of the road, and is marked with a large metal sign.

  7. Susan

    we’re new to Colorado and are spending our weekends exploring…my son would like to do the Maxwell Falls hike this weekend. I’m afraid of heights so a bit nervous about the caution of the long drop at the top of the falls. Are you required to go near the edge to make the loop back to your car? Are there other points on the trail near a drop off? I haven’t recovered from Devil’s Head yesterday – not sure I’m ready to take on tip toeing across a Cliff!

  8. Kathy

    Maxwell Falls is overcrowded and abused. The trails are eroded, the vegetation is gone in many areas. There is no wildlife. All you see is people. There are bags of dog poo abandoned along the trail. Many dogs are off leash in spite of the leash laws.


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