Colorado Trail (Segment 6): Kenosha Pass to Goldhill

Kenosha Pass View

This section of the Colorado Trail, Kenosha Pass toward Goldhill, is absolutely beautiful with Rocky Mountain views and views of South Park valley area. If you have ever hiked any section of the Colorado Trail, you know that it’s a fun experience to be on a trail that winds 468 miles through beautiful Colorado.

This trailhead is easily accessible by car with parking along the west side of Hwy 285.

Kenosha Trail

The trail begins just off of Hwy 285 at Kenosha Pass campground. From there, the trail leads through pine and aspen forest for about 2 miles until it emerges at the edge of an enormous valley overlooking South Park and Fairplay. The surrounding peaks to the south and west are part of the Mosquito Range.

This is a fantastic section of trail. There are many wildflowers and butterflies in the area and the open trail along the side of the hill allows you to see views overlooking the massive plains and valley below.

We usually hike down the side of this south-facing hill and into the woods until we come to a large clearing on the right side of the trail (it looks like a good place to camp and could have been a lake at one time; now all dried up). It’s a good area to rest, take-in the scenery, have a bite to eat and then head back for the parking lot.

No Restrooms available at parking lot.

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Kenosha Pass Trail
Kenosha Field
Picnic recommendation:

Once you come over the hill and see the valley and the Rockies in the distance, use the wooden bench or continue on the trail to the field pictured above (this is our favorite place to stop and then head back to the car; making it a 4-mile round trip hike. The entire segment ending at Goldhill is 32 miles)!

Kenosha Aspens

5 thoughts on “Colorado Trail (Segment 6): Kenosha Pass to Goldhill

  1. Ben

    My pedometer led me to believe that it was two miles from the car park to the bench at the scenic overlook. It is a wonderful hike in part because it is shaded until it suddenly opens up at the bench overlook.

  2. Thesoodler

    How I miss Colorado, I’ve been on Kenosha pass MANY times!! I remember getting up at 2:00 AM to watch a meteor shower up there!! WOW!!!!! We “Camped” in a Subaru Station Wagon!! It was a good thing we liked each other!! She loved it and so did I!

  3. Rach

    Hi Mary! I will be hiking segment 6 Kenosha Pass to Goldhill Trail in a few weeks. I’m coming from Chicago. My plan was to go from the airport to Brekenridge to hand out there for the day and rent some mountain bikes. Then the next morning I am going to catch a ride to Kenosha Pass trailhead to start my hike. My questions are 1) How far of a drive is it from Brekkenride to Kenosha Pass trailhead? 2) Segment 6 shows as 32.9 miles. Is this best split into 2 days? 3) What town/city is Goldhill Trail closest to and how close is it to the town? Trying to figure out if we will need a ride back to the nearest town. Thanks!!!!

    • marynorton

      Hi.Sounds like a great vacation.
      Sorry, unfortunately we have not hiked the whole segment so I don’t know the details of how many days or where Gold Hill lands you.
      Try this website for more info or You may be able to get better answers from people on those sites.
      Good luck and have a great trip!



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