TR 649 Hikers and Motor Bikes Can’t Share the Same Trail

We often try to find new hikes for our website. Sometimes we score big and love the new trails we discover; other times it turns out to be a bad experience and a day of hiking down the tubes.

Recently, we set out on a hike marked on a map in our DeLorme Atlas and Gazetteer. The kids were all geared up and excited to do a new hike after riding “forever” in the car. We started out with the ususal excitement.

The trail we picked was marked TR 649 at the trailhead for hikers, motor bikes, mountain bikes, and horses. What a joke! Try walking on a trail where motorcycles and 4-wheelers come racing around the bend leaving you only seconds to jump out of the way and to pull your little ones to safety! No way – these two just can’t share the same trails! We finally left the trail and climbed up a hill for a good view; the only redeeming quality of the trail.

"View facing south to Pikes Peak"

I can’t help but wonder why the Forest Service can post these signs and expect that everyone will enjoy a safe day outdoors! Let me leave you with a piece of advice: when you see these signs, just know that the hikers will lose out in everyway! Keep your family safe and stear clear of these kinds of trails.

Ironically, whether it was a hiker or biker that did this work on the sign, they had the right idea!


P.S. This particular trail is past the Devil’s Head Rec. Trail on Rampart Range Rd. labeled TR 649.

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