Guanella Pass Makeover

Good News to all of you who frequent Guanella Pass – the road is getting a huge face lift!
This is not just a patch here and there, it is the real thing. Where your car will go over the road smoothly and not one washboard after another.

If you are not familiar with the pass, it is the road that leads from Georgetown up to the Mt. Bierstadt west face. It is a wonderful drive with sheer beauty all the way. If you travel over the other side of the pass, you will come out at Grant and US 285. The road has trails scattered along the way, many of which are detailed on the Fun Hikes website. The pass also has a new set of parking lots and restrooms! Wonderful conveniences, but now busier than ever too. Plan to go early in the morning to avoid crowds.

This is a recommended scenic tour for anyone – it’s one that we like to take out-of-town guests to leave them in awe of Colorado’s beauty.

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