Bergen Peak Trail at Elk Meadow Open Space Park

In the beautiful town mountain town of Evergreen lies Bergen Peak Trail at Elk Meadow Open Space Park. This is a popular hike spot for locals as well as vacationers. The trail offers easy access by car, ample parking and a variety of well-maintained trails.

The trail that we enjoy with our family (Meadow View Trail connecting with Bergen Peak Trail) slowly ambles up the side of Bergen mountain above the expansive Elk Meadow that you will get glimpses of as you go.

Hiking Bergen Peak Trail

Bergen Peak Trail, shaded by huge Ponderosa Pines, offers views of the town below, Denver in the distance, Aspen tree stands, cool and lush ground coverage and the towering Bergen Peak. The climb is long and uphill with switchbacks taking you to the top of Bergen Peak – a hike well worth the effort. The top offers great views.

Bergen Peak Trail

Some history about the area: Elk Meadow was a ranching area for cattle since the 1870s and purchased by Jefferson County beginning in the 1970s. Grab a map at the trailhead to take with you.
Elk Meadow Park

Picnic spot recommendations:

After hiking for about 35 minutes from Meadow View Trail and then onto Bergen Peak trail, and just off the side of the trail looking south, there are some beautiful views of the foothills – we like to picnic here. If you would prefer, there are also picnic tables near the parking area. Restrooms available at trailhead.

switchback on trail to Bergen Peak

hiking bergen mountian in rain

5 thoughts on “Bergen Peak Trail at Elk Meadow Open Space Park

    • Mary Norton Post author

      Yes, it is a good hike at this time of year.
      There will still be some snow on the trail in the shady areas, but most has melted in and around that area now.

    • marynorton

       Yes, This trail is good this March. Most of the snow in the area has
      melted but there will still be some snow in shady areas of the trail.

  1. High Anxiety

    Any cliffs at or on the way up to Bergen peak? I’m healthy but accident prone, and don’t want a hike where a loose shoelace will leave me dead! Also, kids are drawn like magnets to scenic lookout “edges”, and without some leash system in place, I’m not letting them anywhere closer than 5 feet to a dropoff. (You have small kids with you in the pictures, so it must be safe?)

    • Tim Norton

      You are funny! It’s not really sheer cliffs on this hike. The peak is not that kind of a peak. It’s big boulders. Just wear sticky shoes. You’ll be fine!


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