Plymouth Creek Trail and Meadow Lark Trail at Deer Creek Canyon Park

Plymouth Creek Trail

Recommended trail: Begin at parking lot and take the Plymouth Creek Trail to the Meadow Lark trail. The loop has a pleasant elevation gain, trail composition, distance and views.

Meadow Lark Trail Rocks

The Plymouth Creek trail begins by taking you up red, rocky slopes through scrub oak. There are constant views of the huge red rock formations and the Hogback layered rocks. Gradually you will pass into pine forests where the trail follows a trickling creek. This area is shady and cool: very pleasant uphill trek.

The Meadow Lark trail branches off of the Plymouth trail on the right taking you up and out of the trees onto a hill covered in scrub oak, yucca plants, and small cactus. As you reach the top of the hill, you will have nice scenic views of the Plymouth Creek trail below, the surrounding foothills, the eastern plains, and Deer Creek Canyon.

Deer Creek Canyon Park

When you reach the highest point on this loop trail, there is a small grassy area (possible picnic/resting area). The trail begins to descend on the rim of the canyon, through scrub oak where you may see some deer.

This is a good hike in the foothills – close to Denver, and also good for early spring hiking or late season hiking. Obviously, there is less snow in early spring and in late fall at this elevation. One caution in early spring is mud along ¼ of the trail. Restrooms available at parking lot/trailhead.

Picnic spot recommendations:

There are two recommended sites for a family picnic. If you prefer to eat your lunch out of a backpack, then you will probably want to eat at the top of the Meadow Lark trail in the grassy clearing. From there you have great views of the Hogback and Denver. If you prefer to eat your lunch from a cooler, there are several picnic pavilions at the trailhead near the parking area.

Plymouth Creek Trail Views
Plymouth Creek Trail Stairs

Meadow Lark Trail Views
Deer Creek Canyon Views

4 thoughts on “Plymouth Creek Trail and Meadow Lark Trail at Deer Creek Canyon Park

  1. Liz

    Clarification: The Albertson's is at C470 and Kipling. There is a Starbucks just North in the same shopping square.

  2. Hillary

    Thanks for the helpful description and pictures. This hike is passable with a stroller, though, not always easy so. There were a few brief sections of “portaging” the stroller over steeper more technical and loose areas, as well as allowing the mountain bikers to pass. Very reasonable hike to do with out-of-town guests.

  3. Anonymous

    So people know, a 10% grade is over 500ft of elevation gain in one mile. Highways have warning signs and runaway truck ramps at 6% grades. 


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