Burning Bear Trail West #601 (Hall Valley Trailhead)

Along Burning Bears Trail

Burning Bear Trail West Entry TR #601 (Hall Valley trailhead) is a nice, pleasant trail with views, forest, wildflowers and a trickling creek. Whether you hike 13 miles from end-to-end and back again or just a section in-and-back, you will enjoy the hike.

This is a low use trail with few hikers because of its obscure, almost hidden trailhead. It is a diverse trail that will take you through open meadow, aspen stands, through lodge pole pine forest, and alongside Lamping Creek for most of your hike.

Burning Bear Mountain View

It is an easy to moderate trail with some gentle uphill sections and some flat sections. As you move along the trail there are beautiful aspen stands. There are views through the trees. And there are sections of trail through the lodge pole pine forest and up over the hills toward the Guanella Pass Road and the east entry of Burning Bear Trail (TR #601).

Burning Bear Trail View

If you complete the trail you will find yourself finishing at the east trailhead (6.5 miles one way). You may want to hike the entire trail 13 miles round trip. Or from one end to the other if you can arrange to have a car at each end. Or, like us, hike in a couple miles and back out again to the west trailhead. Whichever option you choose, you will enjoy this peaceful, scenic trail.

Along Burning Bears Trail 2

Along Burning Bear Trail 3

Along Burning Bear Trail 4

To view the east trailhead entry see: Burning Bear Trail East Entry.

Creek Along Burning Bear Trail

Burning Bear Trailhead Sign

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