Burning Bear Trail (TR #601 East Entry)

Burning Bear Trail

Burning Bear Trail #601 (east entrance) is one of the most beautiful hikes in the Geneva Creek/Pike National Forest area with verdant meadows, beaver ponds, tumbling water falls and lush forests.

Day hikers will love this one for its beauty and easy terrain.The trail is well-maintained and has a very easy/moderate path. It wanders along the side of an open meadow just along the tree line giving you a shaded hike along the creek.
Burning Bear Trailhead Sign
Burning Bear Waterfall

The views you through the openings in the trees are majestic. You will see the lush meadow, creeks and the snow-capped peaks nearby. There are beaver ponds and beaver lodges near the edge of the trail.

Burning Bear Creek

Our preference for Burning Bear Trail is to hike to the old cabin and back for an easy/moderate hike of 4.8 miles roundtrip.

Another option is to hike the full length of the trail to the west trailhead (5.5 miles; not roundtrip mileage). For a challenging full day hike, make the full 11-mile roundtrip hike from-end-to end and back again (approx. elevation gain for the full hike 1,100ft.)

This trail connects to the west entry of Burning Bear Trail. Each end of the trail has a parking area and is accessible by different roads.

Pack your bug spray; you will be near the creek. No restrooms available at trailhead (last chance is on CR 62 a couple miles before you reach the trailhead).

If you are looking to eat at a picnic table, there is a picnic area within 2 miles of the trailhead (along CR 62 before you reach the trailhead).

Burning Bear Kids Hike

Burning Bear Trail Views

Burning Bear Trail Hike

7 thoughts on “Burning Bear Trail (TR #601 East Entry)

  1. Mary Norton

    If its lunchtime at Coney Island, be prepared to wait about an hour in line – but it is worth the nostalgic fun and yummy conies!

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  4. Richard

    Hi Mary,

    As a Boy Scout leader, but fairly new to CO, I love your site as it has given me some great idea and places to take the scouts. I’m thinking of doing the Burn Bear hike, but making it an easy two day backpacking trip for the new scouts. Is there a good place to campout about 3 miles in? Does the trail go to Duck Lake? Keep it up the great work!!



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