A challenging and fun way to traverse the trails of Colorado


Colorado Hiking Bingo Challenge!

A challenging and fun way to traverse the trails of Colorado

Make hiking more enjoyable by playing a modified game of bingo while trekking the trails of Colorado! This game is great for those who are looking for ways to challenge themselves while trying to reach their target destination. Think of it as playing a video game with in-game achievements; you’re the character and you must fulfill the challenges in order to beat your competitors.

Introducing the Colorado Hiking Bingo Challenge

A few things that you will need to prepare before playing the game:
1. A blank bingo card that can be printed on Bingo Baker. The boxes should be left blank since instead of numbers, the spaces will contain the different challenges that hikers must complete in their hiking journey.

2. The games rules can either follow the US 75-ball or the UKs 95-ball bingo rule. It doesn’t matter as long as players will agree on a universal winning pattern of the challenge.

Now, as for the bingo challenges that players may put on the cards, here are a few examples:
a. Pick one flower of each type from the Continental Divide Trail: Mountain Bistort, Indian Paint Brush, Purple Aster, and Tall Chiming Bells
b. Finish the Indian Creek Campground three-mile loop trail in less than 50 minutes.
c. Take a picture of Denver City from Mt. Falcon Park.
These are, of course, just suggestions of what challenges you can come up with in trekking Colorado trails. Just make sure that the challenges on the cards can be finished in a few hours or else you might experience the struggle of unattainable goals that UK actor bingogodz.coms caller Brian Blessed fell to victim of when he failed to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. Make sure to consider all levels of stamina, unless you’re thinking about holding a 3-day game.

Have fun playing the Colorado Hiking Bingo Challenge!

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